Islip Ambulance Chiefs Association

The Islip Ambulance Chiefs Association was formed by the chiefs of the five volunteer ambulance agencies that serve the Town of Islip in New York. The organization was formed to enhance and expand the level of care that is provided to the Town Residents.

Member Agencies



It is this association’s intent to establish regular meetings with the chiefs/departments of ambulance companies in the Town of Islip to promote an effort to enhance and expand the level of care being provided in the Town of Islip.  This association will reinforce the volunteer network through access to education, expanding training opportunities, equipment standardization, improving system effectiveness and efficiency to actively promote interagency coordination.  

This association will promote the welfare of the volunteer ambulance service within the Town of Islip.  To act as a unified voice in matters pertaining to the volunteer ambulance companies within the Town of Islip. To appoint liaisons that would report back to members of this association with informative and imperative information received from various organization meetings.


Our vision is to thrive as an organization that promotes customer-driven, continually improving, team focused, and fiscally responsible. We proudly service the changing needs of our community by promoting the highest quality emergency medical services with:

Organizational Integrity


We are committed to achieving our vision through the establishment of values.  Our vision will be expressed in many ways.

We are a single team and are united in our commitment to achieving our vision.  This unity includes all members regardless of company or position.

We believe in each other and are loyal to one another.  When we encounter situations which challenge our loyalty, we voice our concerns openly.

We practice professional integrity and ethics in everything we do and our integrity is not compromised when we are faced with conflict.

We consult, ask, and receive information in an open and non-judgmental atmosphere.

We show respect for every member of this association.  This respect transcends the professional barriers of the association.

Decision – Making:
We encourage decision-making and responsibility within each association member’s area of professional competence.

We are pro-active to change and supportive of others who initiate change.  New and innovative practices and techniques are inevitable and welcomed, never resisted.

Islip Ambulance Chiefs Association
PO Box 298, Islip, NY 11751